Beat Culture and the New America 1950-1965 (Hardcover)

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Beat Culture and the New America 1950-1965 (Hardcover)

Hardcover book, rough dust jacket but book is very nice.

Lisa Phillips, Whitney Museum of American Art
Whitney Museum of American Art, 1995 - Art - 279 pages
The Beat generation emerged in America in the aftermath of World War II. Disillusioned with the progress of science and Western technocracy, the Beats made their own rules, celebrating life at the margins of American society. Although once rejected by mainstream society as outlaws, rebels, and morally dangerous, today the Beats are recognized as icons of America's counterculture and as one of the most influential cultural movements of the century. This is the catalogue of an exhibition organized by the Whitney Museum of American Art. With nine essays by historians, a detailed chronology, and a bibliography, the catalogue examines the Beat movement in all its complexity. By defining Beat as a broad cultural movement, it becomes evident that the Beat spirit and sensibility extended well beyond the now legendary literary accomplishments, permeating many forms of artistic expression, touching and transforming American artistic life. -- From publisher's description.